No other song could possibly express that feeling of excitement that comes over you when you are almost home after a long trip. Because no matter how good a trip it was…it always feels good to be home.

Last night I went upstairs to read in bed. Ernie and Owen came up to check on me and Owen started crawling all over the bed and then Ernie began tickling him. They laughed and laughed and laughed. This song by Kieran Kane was playing loudly and Ernie sang along with it as he made Owen giggle uproariously. It was one of those moments where time stands still and you lock it away in your memory.

Thanks Kieran…and thanks to my boys.


The version I was playing was from Kane Welch Kaplin's recent live album. Honest to God….this album is incredible…..from the songwriting to the playing to the recording of it to the just plain old joy of it…. Available as a download only….if you tell me you got it you'll make me VERY happy….


One thought on “Eight More Miles…And I’ll Be Home

  1. “Eight Miles High” always gives me that tingly feeling when arriving just about home. Or just about leaving.
    I don’t know….it just does 😉
    great song above btw!