In honor of my beloved tween Leo….who will be a teen in just a few months. I can only imagine what awaits us. (just click to start the slideshow)


2 thoughts on “I Give You: The Hand

  1. Awesome!
    I discovered last week that my camera-shy 13 year old had NO reservations about mugging on Photobooth on my computer (and it somehow hadn’t occurred to her that I wouldn’t see the photos/videos saved???), so I took advantage of her being away at camp to post one of her (v. short) videos on FB. I felt kind of shabby about it, and vowed to take it down as soon as some of my distant friends had a chance to see it–but then people said such nice things, I thought she might be gratified by the comment thread, so I left it up. I figure, she’s going to hate me, either way…
    The hand-series is a MUCH more dignified approach to the problem! I particularly love the one with the two boys in red sitting on a bench–somehow that seems like a brotherly portrait for the ages. Thanks for sharing!