We are going to be pulling out, or just cutting down, a bunch of plants due to NeighborGate. Is anyone interested in some ornamental grass (two kinds), hostas, sedum (Autum Joy and one with a paler flower), false turtle head (I think there's some in there) and who knows what else….maybe some Lamb's Ears. You just have to show up and dig it out. There's enough ornamental grass to be divided into a bunch of plants so don't be shy.

We're tentatively planning plant moving day to be next Friday, August 24, 2012 but you can always come over anytime. Just email me or leave a comment if you are interested. I'd be MUCH happier to have plants go to new homes rather than the compost pile—or the refuse pile as the neighbor refers to it….

People from the fence company are coming over tomorrow to look at it. I hope they can do it before the date the lawyer requested otherwise I'll be requesting help BIGTIME. I think I've figured out where to move most everything. It's going to be a pretty dramatic change.

Our front beds need a lot of work though so I guess it will force us to do that. We lost a lot of shade due to a lot of tree branches coming down a couple years back so much of our shade planting are dying out.

Onward, onward, onward.

P1110620 _Snapseed

Close up the zinnias are showing a bit of wear and tear from the heat and drought but they are glorious as always. All for a $2 package of seeds….amazing….


4 thoughts on “NeighborGate: Free Plants Available

  1. So sorry to hear about your trials with this–it’s ridiculous! But, the people putting the new roof on our house this week managed to smash most of my plants in the front of the house and rip a branch off of my Japanese maple, so I’d love to have some of your plants please. I’m happy to contribute sweat equity above and beyond, so let me know when you need help.

  2. What a HUGE bummer. Just to have these people nearby must be a terrrible source of irritation for you.
    I’d of course be interested in some plants. That’s the best way to have a garden–one that’s pieces from friends. I have some 25+ year old hostas from a dear friend’s house. They are the most fragrant plants you could imagine and they are blooming right now.
    False Turtle-Head sounds good. I have a small patch I’d love to reconstitute. If you’re around tomorrow afternoon I could bring a nice bottle of white and a shovel…Let me know.