1. The weirdest thing about Randy Travis' mugshot? I didn't think he was that tall.

2. WHY did I not know about this corn husking thing before? Absolutely brilliant!

3. Ernie likes to play songs for Owen. I was in the kitchen and walked out to see them like this with the Byrds' So You Wanna Be a Rock and Roll Star playing. And Owen just grinned when the screams of the girls came in…

P1110536 _Snapseed

4. It's funny but Owen's hair is just getting to the length that sometimes, when he's on a particularly curly day, he looks like a little blonde Jack White. Speaking of Jack White….check out this video with lots of shots of the our beloved Fats Kaplin in it. LORD but he looks handsome.

5. Ernie goes to register the boys for school today…and get school supplies. They start on the 22nd. I feel as though we're in this state of suspended animation…back from vacation but not really into the swing of things. I guess it will all start to become more real in a week or so….

6. And last but not least….it IS the time of year to listen to this song.




3 thoughts on “Random Notes from the Sandwich Life

  1. I am so glad you posted that corn video. I just TRIED to serve up corn like this for company last Friday, and turned out to be the belle of the comedy ball. “See you just shake it like…this! I mean, this. Maybe I have to shake it harder. Like..well, the guy on the video does it!” Now I can send them the link to prove that SOMEONE can do it. Not me though.