1. So many tomatoes….tomato sauce on Friday afternoon:

P1110557 _Snapseed

2. Witch Hazel Antiques in St. Joseph on Saturday. Real, actual antiques, quality antiques in the place people. I know….SHOCKING. It spoiled me for going anywhere else. We found a piece I wanted to buy my father so bad I could have spit. It was a 'law book holder' with a late 19th century patent date if I recall correctly. In days gone by Ernie and I would have snapped it up and gone home to delightedly call my mother. I could just imagine telling her, "Mom, I got Dad's Christmas gift for you to give him!" She would have been so excited. It just felt so strange not to buy it….I wanted to get it for him so bad. He would have loved it. I even thought about getting it for us…but that made no sense.


3. I finally tried the frozen banana ice cream thing. I'm not the fondest of raw banana but don't mind the flavor. This was pretty amazing and will be repeated. My beloved Mary from Fries and Peanuts had told us about it. Take a banana, cut it up, freeze it and then whirl it in a food processor or blender and you've got soft-serve banana ice cream. All we did was add a couple of tablespoons of water to get it going in our food processor. I love it when things are so much more than the sum of their parts! Leo thought it looked and sounded disgusting. Owen liked it, as did Ernie and I. I begged Leo, "but isn't kind of cool the way it turns out?" He just looked at me politely and said, "not to me." I don't believe I've ever known anyone truer to himself than Leo is. Lord but I love him.

P1110599 _Snapseed

4. I had planned to do a picnic on Sunday…possibly out to Moraine View State Park. Sunday was kind of grey though and I felt moderately grumpy for no good reason. We decided not to go and so I flailed around the house a little before deciding that cleaning our pantry would make everything better. It kinda did. Owen said it looked wonderful. Leo said it looked kind of weird but gave me a little smile.


5. Yes, there ARE a lot of boxes of Simply Organic macaroni and cheese. In a tragic twist…the company appears to be discontinuing it and it is one of Leo's main food groups. I can not TELL you of the despair. Yes, I know there are many, many, MANY other kinds of boxed mac and cheese, organic or not, and of course good ole home made versions too. I have tried every one of them my friends. Leo, well, Leo is a very special guy and numerous specialists have tried their damndest to get Leo to like more foods. They have all crashed and burned folks. Leo appears to be stronger than anyone else in the world. And yes I know every approach, I know I can put the food there and he'll eat if he's hungry. I know it all. And I know how sweet and special and freaking complicated my gorgeous boy is. So if you see any damn Simply Organic mac and cheese BUY IT and I will reimburse you. I've alreay ordered an embarrassingly large number of them online from soap.com. The things you do that you never thought you would….(the other day I told Owen to do something and he asked me why…to which I replied "BECAUSE I SAID SO!" For some reason I never thought I would resort to that but honestly…he knew DAMN well why…geesh).

6. Here's Hattie rushing to get off the table. God knows why as normally she thinks it her God given right to sit wherever the hell she pleases.


7.  I can't say I've watched much of the Olympics this year but I've heard Ray Davies is doing Waterloo Sunset tonight so that is, of course, where you will find Ernest and me.

8. Happy grey cool Sunday evening all…..