Debbie and I spent a lot of vacation recounting childhood memories. She is 8 years older than me so remembers things I don't and I of course have stories she doesn't remember. It was wonderful fun….we even drove by the little 1960s shopping center where my grandmother would go every week to buy suntan lotion. We would stay in the car while she went in for the 'suntan lotion.' Turns out she was buying alcohol….I guess we never thought it was odd that she was going to a liquor store to buy suntan lotion. Mind you though….Debbie was EIGHT years older than me….you'd think she would have caught on…..

One of things Debbie reminded me about was the glories of fried bologna. It was one of the things we would make for ourselves. In fact, I don't remember my mother ever making it. Yes, we took bologna, fried it in butter and placed it on white bread with a touch of mayonnaise. Ernie and Owen expressed dismay at the idea of it, Leo ignored us but Debbie and I shouted in glee.

So of course later in the week we HAD to recreate the fried bologna sandwiches of our childhood and good GOD but they were delicious! DELICIOUS I tell you! Even Ernie and Owen came around and agreed it was good. HA!

Any similar childhood food memories out there?




9 thoughts on “Vacation Cooking: the Secret Session of Childhood Memories

  1. loster, shrimp, beets, swordfish and bologna. how do you make everything look so delicious??!
    you always make cooking look fun and it doesn’t remotely resemble the activity i dread every night at dinner time. perhaps fried bologna sandwiches will be on the menu tonight?
    btw, we put ketchup on ours. (it’s basically a flattened out hot dog anyway…)

  2. I had fried bologna too! My mom used to cut little wheel spokes in the edges so it wouldn’t bubble up in the frying pan. In summer we added a sliced tomato and lettuce, kind of like a blt where the “b” stands for bologna! Yum.

  3. I think I had fried baloney almost every day of my childhood, but (like ard) always with ketchup!
    As for other childhood memories, when my mom would carpool me and my brothers and the neighbor kids to St. Joe’s, we had to pass ‘Wally’s Tap’ on Dixie Highway. I thought it was a dance studio.

  4. I associate fried baloney sandwiches with my dad, who would make them for us when my mom (rarely) wasn’t around to cook. His menu also included fried egg sandwiches (yum) fried hot dogs (split down the middle, grilled in the frying pan), and a side of red beans directly from the can, no added spice, no nothin’. I believe he also made chipped beef on toast, which my mother made while saving for the down payment on a house, and other lean moments! Thanks for the memories! Love the photos!

  5. We had these all the time too. We called ’em flat hot dogs. 🙂 Our Saturday lunches alternated between fried baloney, pb and banana with Fluff, and tuna salad sandwiches on white toast. Ah, good ol’ Wonder Bread.

  6. White bread slathered with butter and sugar sprinkled on top or just spread with whatever jelly, no pb. Cheez Wiz on the fried bologna with iceberg lettuce and salt. Oh yeah, Fluff, with pb. And we had pb, honey and raisin sandwiches. Always all on white Bunny bread. I also made my little brothers “tuna surprise” which was tuna salad inside a rolled out biscuit and baked served with pork and beans. This was the special of the day when I played restaurant.
    Special memory: my grandmother always used up leftover pie crust by spreading it with butter and cinnamon sugar,rolling it up and slicing into mini rolls which she then baked in this mini-pie pan – just for me. I still have the dark,dented pan.

  7. Didn’t everyone eat fried bologna sandwiches as a child?! At least our version was slightly healthier than yours, we didn’t fry ours in butter!! You’ve made me wish I had one right now!