Yesterday won't go down as one of my favorite days. Now, IN the scheme of things I know perfectly well that it wasn't that bad. Lord knows I've had much worse and will again but geesh. Let's just say it wasn't a whole lot of fun.

I started by waking up sick with some kind of stomach thing going on that was pretty miserable. I emailed work saying I couldn't do it and curled up in bed and tried to think happy thoughts. Then mid morning I checked my email to see if work had emailed me and found the email from our attorney saying that our neighbor had refused our offer of buying part of the lot next to us that has been used as our side yard for many years. I won't even go into the whole nasty weird thing. Suffice to say these people hate us and I wasn't surprised although somewhat disappointed. So now we have to have our fence moved and move several small trees and other plants in the next few weeks. I may put out a call for help. We lose our side yard but honestly we never used it mutch…so…whatever….sigh. By late afternoon I was curled up, very still, on the couch in the media room. Ernie and I watched a documentary about the death of the independent record store which was somewhat depressing. Did it help that I still didn't feel well and it was grey outside? Nah.

Owen was outside playing with some kids he'd met recently for much of the afternoon. We'd met the mother briefly a couple of weeks ago. Owen came in the house around 5:00 and asked if they could play upstairs. I said for a little while as long as it was upstairs. So they promptly played in the dining room. I got irritated and told Ernie to go out and tell them that he had to go home in about 15 or 20 minutes. It was dinner time I reasoned….if you eat dinner at dinner time. God knows we never do. Some people must though.  Ernie came back in the room looking pissed. I, of course, wondered what Owen had done, but no….he said the kid told him he couldn't go home because his mother wasn't going to be home until around 7:00 and he couldn't get in his house–she had taken his brother to his baseball game. Ernie asked him what his mother's phone number was and the kid, who is about Leo's age, didn't know. I freaking kid you not.

I was really tired and had just asked Ernie to make me some toast and scrambled eggs so I could go to bed. Can I begin to tell you how irritated I was? I'm still not totally clear on whether the mother had asked Owen if he could stay…but come on….Owen is 10 years old for God's sake…you ask the PARENTS. Finally at 7:15 Owen came in and said the kid had gone home. Then I was all worried he wouldn't be able to get into his house. Trying to get details out of Owen was impossible because he was all upset. I told him I was NOT upset with him, I was upset with the kid's mother. And then I did remind him that if anyone asks if they can stay for several HOURS to make sure he directs them to one of US. 


The thing is, if she really had been in a bind I would have taken him whether we know them or not, but it wasn't a bind….and she didn't ask us.

Owen made me scrambled eggs and Ernie made toast. I ate it gratefully and went to bed after watching Gordon Ramsey's Hotel Hell. God help my soul because I enjoyed it.

Ah well.

Today? Woke up still feeling lousy but felt better as they day wore on. Not sure about dinner but maybe toast and avocado?

Listening to the newest Bap Kennedy and happy as a clam to be home. A slightly nauseous clam, but a happy one just the same.

3 thoughts on “The Life of the Nauseous Clam

  1. Hope this day brings all sorts of unexpected happy moments, a calm belly and comfort in the fact that you are loved by so many! 🙂

  2. Oh so glad to see that other parents deal with kids inexplicably staying forever too, seemingly with their parents’ consent. My son has a friend who is at our dinner table so often I’m thinking of sending his parents a bill. 🙂 He also gets locked out if his parents go to bed before we walk him home and we have to bang on the door! Absolutely bewildering.