We bought bunkbeds a while back when the guys decided they wanted to share a room. Little weirdos. When Ernie started putting it together one of the supports for the top bunk was broken. He called the place and they wanted him to send everything back or something like that. So he said forget it and bought a piece of wood at Menard's. Fast forward to one of our recent house concerts. Several kids were all up on the top bunk playing. Somehow (and I'm not asking) something got broken. Owen told us the bed was broken but we kinda went, "oh yeah, don't worry honey…just go to bed…it'll be fine."

Last night Owen made his signature grilled chicken as a welcome home feast for Ernie. He had also planned to give him one of the Rice Crispy treats we'd made but I accidentally turned the wrong stove burner on under the pan of completed treats and they got uh…a bit toasty. Anyway…I also made some good Indian ginger garlic eggplant with a lenti/rice pilaf. By the time 9:00 rolled around Ernie was way tired….he's not used to going out every night for a week and seeing bands and even though he was euphorically happy about his trip, the man was damned tired. So I herded everybody upstairs and kissed the boys goodnight. A few minutes later we heard a crash and hysterical screaming.

Damn it.

Mmmm…..uh…..maybe we SHOULD have listened when Owen told us the bed had got broken. Part of the side frame cracked and several of the support boards swung down a little too close to Leo's face. Man that could have been nasty. As it was Leo just laid there holding his book looking up suspiciously at the broken pieces. Can't you just picture that? We were too tired to figure out a temporary fix so we just pulled the broken boards out of Leo's face. I knew Owen wouldn't want to sleep downstairs by himself so I gathered our pillows ready to go down and sleep with him on the media room couch. It's a sectional s0 we could  both fit. Then Ernie pointed out that he'd just spent the week in a room by himself in a king size bed and I thought…huh, damn he's right. So I put my pillow back down, got into bed and Owen got into bed on Ernie's side.

So poor Ernie spent the night on the couch…what a welcome home.

We really ARE happy to have you back baby….

In other news Annie is at the vet and we're waiting to hear…..


here is Kevin Gordon on one of the THREE occasions Ernie saw him last week. I believe the bass player will be playing with him at our house (October 12)




2 thoughts on “Ahhhhh…..All Is Right With the World Again….

  1. So glad that Ernie’s home safe and sound. Hoping and praying everything’s alright with Annie…she always makes me giggle with her over the top attitude during House Concerts.