Good Lord.

Last night the vet told us that Annie still wasn't responding to the antibiotics.  He said he would sedate her and try to drain the lump which evidently had gotten much bigger. He said if she didn't respond to that then we would probably have to put her to sleep. There's more to it than that but that's the short story. We were pretty much prepared for the worst. Ernie talked to the guys and asked if they wanted to go to see Annie before we put her to sleep if that's what we needed to do. They both gave a fervant yes which kinda touched me. I worried all night and had weird dreams about my office and purple walls and bathroom modules and trips to Nashville and Annie being o.k. It was hard to wake up.

Ernie just called me and I was prepared for the worst.

She's home.

She's fine.

And we owe $675….gulp.

The vet said he'd never seen anything like it. Evidently it was an abscess but he said it was so hard that he thought it was bone. After draining it however, within half an hour Annie was sitting up and cleaning herself.


Utterly flabbergasted.

I had myself all prepared to mourn and now all I'm thinking is "Damn cat….$675?"

Eh, I'm pretty good at debt.

So Annie will once again be ruling the roost at the Kevin Gordon House Concert on Friday, October 12, 2012. I hope you can come and say hello to her.



5 thoughts on “Annie to Rule Again

  1. PTL!
    Seriously, Cynthia. I am so happy for her, and the whole extended Blackwelder/Voelkl family. And I look forward to seeing Annie again at the KG show. YAY!