O.k…thus far as a solo parent I have given in and ordered pizza diner, let Owen sleep on Ernie's side of the bed ,and let them both stay home from school this morning. 

Yeah, I know.

Leo hasn't been feeling himself and last night he went to bed very early on his own volition, wrapped himself up in a blanket and turned off the light. When I went in to kiss him goodnight he was just lying there very still and I thought, "uh-oh…" And sure enough this morning he was staying home. Leo never tries to scam his way out of school though so I knew he really is sick. Owen, on the other hand, well he scammed me good and is home as well.

Eh, oh well.

My boy Ernie is in Nashville.

Here he getting ready to leave with our friends Mark and Van (thanks Richard for stopping by to get the picture!!!)


and at dinner (thanks Cathy): 


Later he went to see Mike Henderson at the Bluebird. He texted me this morning (my sweet Luddite TEXTING!):

I miss you. Saw Henderson last night with Mark and Cathy Stayman. Missed you more.

My baby.

The boys are missing him bad…but I'm happy he's there.

Right now the crew is on their way to Knoxville to see Phil Lee at the WDVX Blue Plate Special.

He better get a hug from Phil for me…

and one of my favorite old Henderson videos:


6 thoughts on “Man Am I Ever Spoiled (Missing Ernie)

  1. MIKE HENDERSON!!! If Ernie can buy me a CD while he’s there I would be forever grateful. Whenever I need a little kick to get me through a “dreadmill” workout….I just put on a little Mike H to rock it out! Hope the travel is great. Enjoy those boys. Drew used to “sick scam” me all the time. He turned out all right. I think! 🙂