1. The current ads along the side of my facebook page: Senior People Meetup, AARP, State Farm and Activia. This is depressing.

2. Annie is not doing well. And to top it off we've run up a $500+ vet bill.

3. Perfectly grilled pork steaks with lots of black pepper, sauteed kale with garlic and sesame and beautiful little potatoes from Sola Gratia Farm…just boiled with a little olive oil on them. Sometimes the simplest meals are the best.

P1110887 _Snapseed

4. Listen, listen, listen to this song. Kevin Gordon. Our house Friday, October 12, 2012.

5. Man, am I ever offended by Mitt Romney's 47% comments. I have a good job, I gladly pay every tax asked of me but yeah, when I file my taxes, because I am supporting a family of four and have two young children….I end up not paying income tax. I pay property tax, sales tax, payroll taxes, pay all that is asked of me even when it hurts. And while I believe government should work for the people and that means supporting those who are in need….but am I dependent on government and feel entitled…feel like a victim? No.  It's funny the way it hit me….I have a lot of contempt for much of what he expresses but I haven't felt personally attacked until these recent comments.

6. Owen is taking up trumpet for school band. I will accept all expressions of sympathy…..

3 thoughts on “Random Notes from the Sandwich Life

  1. So, so sorry to hear about Annie…I love that little feisty kitty. And, as you know, I feel your pain both emotionally and financially. I spent $700 before having to put Stella down. And then it makes you feel guilty that you’re worrying about finances and not about the sick kitty…vicious cycle that I sincerely hope you don’t get in. Nonetheless, I am sorry. I know this pain well.
    As far as Mitt goes, he is certainly showing his true colors. Geez, you would think he’s being paid by the Democrats with all the crazy, insensitive and outright hateful things he’s been saying.
    On the other hand, did you happen to catch the President on Letterman last night? If you didn’t you should check it out…he was at the top of his game and gave an incredible, funny, self-deprecating, rational, and insightful interview.

  2. I played trumpet from 5th through 11th grade – my mother made me practice outside. Luckily we lived out in the boonies.