1. Last night as I was falling asleep it ocurred to me that I couldn't remember when I last saw my cat Annie. I reassured myself and went to sleep but this morning I called and called her to no avail. Now of course I really CAN'T remember when I last saw her and I am rather worried. I'm assuming she's gone into hiding because Ernie's not here but I'm a little anxious as is Owen and evenLeo has expressed concern and helped look but he reassures me that everything will be o.k. when Dad is home. We all feel like that. Everything will be fine once Ernie is home. Our rock, our sun, our core. I must say however that as Leo has gotten older he has become incredibly sweet at reassuring me or comforting me. It touches me more than I can say.

I do hope Annie is o.k. I don't THINK she got out…but I suppose one never knows.


This is Annie…she's the one with a tail.


2. I love Lisa Kesler's artwork. I don't know her well but she's one of those people that I just liked immediately. She is in the process of raising funds for tuition for her master's degree in illustration. Although she has worked as an artist all her adult life, with this degree she will be able to teach as well. Watch this video and then head over to her Kickstarter campaign…although I couldn't spend a lot I did and LOVE what I ended up with….highly recommended!!

3. NEWS FLASH! Annie has been found. I think she's sick though…she seems weak and cries when you pick her up. I got her to sip some water. I guess Ernie will be taking her to the vet tomorrow as his welcome home gift….  BUT she's here….I'm so relieved!

4. My boy is on his way home!! Although he told me he didn't want to learn how to text I showed him anyway and I think he took to it quite nicely….





and some random pictures from the boy:


Music at Grimey's


the ride


the Wood Brothers


Kevin Gordon


Jon Byrd