Owen has been working on his Batman costume. I think it's coming along nicely….

Photo2 _Snapseed

My "new" screen door. THANKS Todd!

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Ernie took me out for a drink last night. It felt good to run into friends (love you Teri).

Photo4 _Snapseed

Owen scammed a long sleeved black shirt from Ernie for his Batman costume and he walked around in it he paused and said, "huh…I feel like Steve Jobs."


Sorry I don't have an equal number of pictures of my other son but you know….he has rules….


Early morning fog left on the leaves outside Japan House yesterday:

IMG_2245 _Snapseed

Ian Hunter album is out and YES it does sound great!

Happy Friday all…hope to see you tomorow at the Rockfield Lock house concert!

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