I can NOT tell you what a relief it was to have the fence moved yesterday. I was giddy. Hopefully NeighborGate is completely over. I will cross my fingers. Although legally we had until September 15 to get everything moved said neighbor had already started cutting the grass on the area, always while we are in the house, and always with lots of glares toward our property. I think he's a tad obsessed. He went back over the property line with his lawnmower several times yesterday. Owen depicted it thusly:


SK Fence gave us a GREAT price on moving it and were in and out quickly…..they were abolutely wonderful. Thank you so much to them!!! They just took the existing fence and 'turned' the corner sooner…so it now extends further along our northern property line. When you sit in the yard you can still see the field but I'm thinking of moving a couple of ornamental grasses…or maybe even my hydrangea…to block the view and make it more private. I may even have to put curtains on my dining room and living room windows! I never have because I kinda hate curtains and they face north and empty field….we'll see.

I'm somewhat embarrassed at myself for being so relieved because I know that shows how much this got to me. I've tried hard to keep it in perspective though. Honestly I really like the yard now….it truly is not about the land….just the crazy nastiness. How often in life do we say that, "it's not the blah-blah-blah…it's the WAY it was done." As Bob Draznik pointed out…whoever came up with that sticks and stones bromide was freaking crazy.

Here is the yard as we were getting ready to move plants. The red arrow is where the fence now turns the corner.


And here it is this morning:


Thanks for the support during NeighborGate. Thanks to Rayne DeVivo for being an attorney that makes me feel like someobdy has our back—-as someone who grew up with an attorney in the family it feels good to have that once again. Thanks to SK Fence and thanks to my husband who called SK Fence more times than he wanted to because I was so anxious.

Don't forget—-a week from today….Kenny Draznik and Jimmy Wald, two of my beloved Vertebrats, known as Rockfield Lock HERE in our house! I can not WAIT!!! All are welcome—-just check the Sandwich Life House Concerts page on facebook or email me for info!


4 thoughts on “Sweet Relief

  1. Hi Cynthia, Thank you for the photo. I think it looks wonderful, and private. It might be helpful as you go forward to add a bit of protection to your fence. I like the Green Man, who has been protecting gardens and wild spaces for a very long time. Nobody knows exactly where he came from, but I have three different ones, and they watch over our garden. Here is an example of one I like. But you have to find one you like. There are also female versions. http://www.amazon.com/Oak-King-Greenman-Wall-Sculpture/dp/B003M0Q068/ref=pd_sim_sbs_hg_6 It doesn’t have to be a Green Man, maybe a sun face, or some other thing you hang back there that makes you feel protected.