The boys only let me oversleep by 25 minutes this morning. I need to get them to stop turning the alarm off. It worked o.k…all got fed, lunches made, walked and driven to school as appropriate. Man would I need to make some adjustments if I was a solo parent all the time. My cooking skills take a dive without Ernie here. Last night I ate a grilled cheese, the boys had pasta. Eh. It's just more fun to cook when Ernie's around!

It's Friday and I realize that oddly enough I am Ernieless for most of the weekend. Weird. I hadn't really thought about that. The boys have requested to go to Fries and Peanuts for lunch on Saturday and I'm thinking perhaps we could go out to Allerton, depending on the weather. Other than that no big plans. It's been a busy week. This morning I was thinking to myself that it had been two weeks since Kenny and Jimmy played and then I realized that no….it was less than a week ago. Good Lord!

It sounds like Ernie is having a great time. Owen finds some excuse to call him periodically and Leo gets on the phone and tells Ernie about various new features in Minecraft. Yesterday he went out for lunch:



Then  he and Mark hit Layla's for the Howling Brothers:


Then he headed across the street for a short Will Kimbrough set, then saw Chip Taylor (who he loved) then I don't know what and then off to Mercy Lounge for Billy Joe Shaver (no words needed)  and Steve Forbert and who the hell knows what else.

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Do you think he'll come back home to me and the boys, or will he stay, seduced by the pretty little lights of Music City?

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