Man….I gotta say….as good as the Bottle Rockets were last time they were at our house—-they were even better Friday night. They sounded so warm and clear…beautiful…funny and sad by turns—sometimes at the same time. It was an absolutely wonderful night….the music sounded fantastic, the guys were charming, lots of people I knew, but lots of new people as well. Perfect. Owen sat at the top of the stairs with me to listen, pausing only to ask me what a blow job was in the middle of Brian Henneman's retelling of the story behind Indianapolis. I, uh, well…I told him. What else you gonna do? He nodded and went back to listening.

And just like last time after they played, they hung around the dining room table and ate….and then stood in the living room in a circle talking to Bob and Adam et al….I wanted to tell them to sit down but they looked happy….and something about it made me feel like I was at a party many years ago….can't explain it exactly….

I was tickled to hear that they really like the sound at our house (maybe they say that to everyone but that's o.k.) because I gotta say…more than anything I want the band to enjoy them selves and feel good….and I must agree…I DO think our little house has a nice warm sound to it….

I poured myself into bed afterward even though I was kinda awake because I knew I had to get up early the next day. I worked all day at our Open House. I couldn't complain because it was a great event….tons of people and fantastic taiko drummers! Ernie picked me up when it was over, took me for a drink and then I collapsed at home. We ordered pizza per Owen's suggestion and it wasn't long after I finished eating it that I said, "I MUST go to bed….otherwise I'm gonna pull an Ernie and fall asleep right here." They kissed me, I went up to bed, put some Rod Picott on, turned my kindle on, laid there, turned my kindle off and promptly went to sleep.

This morning I feel delightfully recovered and just finished some of Ernie's Sunday biscuits. The boys just made us come close ourselves into the media room so they could have a Nerf battle in the living room. It's suspiciously quiet out there though….but I don't care. Life is good. Thanks to all for making it that way.





One thought on “Bottle Rockets Redux

  1. Your musings always make me smile! So very glad to hear that the evening was a smashing success and that Owen learned a lesson, I am confident, he will never forget…love you guys!