When someone wakes you up at 6 am and whispers, "should I use all of the marinade for the chicken?" wouldn't you just nod your head….and not ask if said person has looked at the recipe and remembered making it last time? Yeah, me too. It makes for interesting chicken marinade recipe shrieking fixing later in the morning I will tell you.

It will all be fine…more cooking to do later this afternoon….

The great Kevin Gordon TONIGHT…in our ramshackle little house….it's gonna be great. Still space—just email me for info if you're interested…

This seems like a good song for a Friday….


One thought on “Deuce and A Marinade

  1. Your house is warm, cozy, welcoming and has a great deal of character…ramshackle is not a word I would use to describe it. Can’t wait till tonight…if only to try the marinated chicken 🙂