For all my grousing the Cancer Center visit was quick and painless and we even saw one of our very favorite nurses. We also spoke to someone about the new co-payment (goodbye raise, hello monthly co-payments). It's because of a reclassification of the infusion…used to be just under medical, now it is considered medical specialty or something like that. I assumed it was that kind of thing but I figure rather than just paying blindly we should ask about it. The woman we spoke to is someone Karen Darr had directed us to when we were having problems with insurance once before. She was lovely and when we mentioned Karen she lit up and told us that Karen had been one of her favorite people. It made me feel good…just like when someone tells me that they still miss Judi.

Ernie put three, count 'em, three puzzle pieces into the jigsaw puzzle in honor of Karen.


and then he pulled a Leo when I tried to take a picture of him getting his IV put in. Can't blame the man of course….


Owen called midway and asked if Ernie was o.k. Sometimes we don't do a good enough job of reassuring the guys. I told him he was just fine and he sighed with relief, asked what he could have for a snack magnanimously told us we could go out for a victory drink if we'd like. We took him up on the offer and ran into our beloved Teri. We sat and madly chatted about politics and people and then headed home. We played Ian Hunter's When I'm President in the car and sang along loudly. It felt so good.

We had some leftover sesame pasta and arugula so I just braised some pork in a mixture of Szechuan chili sauce, sesame oil, soy sauce, orange marmelade and a bit of water. After the meat was done I cooked down the sauce…pretty damn good if I do say so myself!

We were suppposed to make the gougeres/cheese puffs last night. Whoops. Maybe tonight….


6 thoughts on “Jigsaw Puzzles

  1. I think about Judi everyday … I was thinking about Wallie, today, too. Joe & I will always count Judi as one of our dearest friends … and we miss her so terribly. I still have her cell number on my cell phone…