I FINALLY ate at Golden Harbor last week.


Oh my GOD! The food was incredible. I kept thinking about it all day it was so good. My favorites from our meal were the Crispy Basil and Eggplant, the Pork Belly with Buns and the Salt and Pepper Fish.

What else people? Any recommendations?

Ernie and I thought we'd get it to go tonight to celebrate our Anniversary. A day late I know but last night we didn't feel like going out to dinner OR going to the store so we just made do (made a pretty good sesame seed/fresh bread crumb chicken breast though….). Tonight we might get some and have a celebratory dinner with the guys….so please help with the suggestions….


I can't, can't, CAN'T wait, wait, WAIT for David Olney and Sergio Webb on Friday, November 9, 2012! I think I am limiting pie entries to about 8 for the official Pie-Off (although all pies are welcome for the potluck). I have four entries already so if you really want to enter your pie in the Pie-Off you need to pay for your tickets and let me know that you will be bringing a pie.


And in the meantime….where can I go to BUY a pie? I want to give Owen some pie training before his judging…and I don't know where to buy a pie…. 

5 thoughts on “Golden Harbor, David Olney and Pie!

  1. The Red Oak stand at the farmers market is pretty damn good and may be at the Holiday Market? Store purchase, Sams is tolerable, I think Meijer’s is better than Schnucks – my opinion.
    Golden Harbor finds – Bob LOVES their egg drop soup. I was pretty impressed by the crispy tofu and have liked everything I’ve tried there. I don’t know that you can go wrong.

  2. Kopi still has pie from Pies by Inge…I think. Not sure what varieties they have but you can get slices, i.e., don’t have to commit to a WHOLE pie.Downside is they may not be fresh unless you check with Paul about when they get delivered.

  3. Curtis Orchard has the best (store bought) apple pies around from my POV. Their cherry is also good. Note that they don’t make them in house but eh, still good. Pies by Inge in Monticello is good, and you can get them by the slice at Brown Bag, but for a whole pie, you need to call and order one. In the frozen aisle at the grocery, I’ve had better luck with Marie Callender than with Sara Lee or “lesser” brands. The bakery pies seem to be pretty much the same, “eh.” Oh, Cake Artist Studio on Bloomington Rd. might have pies. Their cakes are excellent, so maybe that transfers to their pies?