I'm sitting here in the dark of the living room, feeling kinda rotton from a cold or something, admiring our jack o lanterns and watching my boys hand out candy. Man….it's the end of an era…no trick or treating for us tonight. And the boys look so grown up standing in the doorway, chuckling at costumes with the bowl of candy in their arms.

So the era of the doughnut is over. I think Leo wore that costume 6 years in a row before going as a conductor and then Han Solo. And Owen, who was a firefighter for several years (I think, because Leo kept being a doughnut, that he thought you weren't supposed to change costumes), a racecar driver, Indiana Jones, the blonde Ramone, Michael Jackson and finally Link from the Legend of Zelda.









My beautiful boys.

Leo declined to carve a pumpkin. He told me he doesn't like Halloween….but he DID seem quite proprietary about handing out candy, which he has done the last several years while we took Owen out. Owen carved one pumpkin and it has that classic Owen joie de vivre. Ernie carved mine because I'm not feeling great….I asked for a classic pumpkin with eyebrows and it is indeed stunning.



The new era seems pretty good so I won't cry too much about moving on….