Well, at least he did for 30 seconds!

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Owen has fallen in love with the song Saint from Ian's new album. Last night he sent a very earnest email to Ian's website, "Dear  Mr. Hunter, My name is Owen and I am 10 years old." He went on to ask him what one of the lines in the song meant and if he could play a house concert for us. I tried to tell Owen that I didn't think that would happen so he thoughtfully added the line, "I won't get my hopes up because I know you are a very busy guy." 

I love that boy.



3 thoughts on “Look—Ian Hunter Knows My Name!

  1. I would give up vacation days for an Ian Hunter Sandwich Life House concert. I’m still bummed that you couldn’t make it up to Milwaukee to see him at Potawatomi Bingo and Casino…..