Man. I have no words.

Kevin Gordon.

Utterly amazing show.

Steph Dickinson and Mort Mortenson….wonderful.

I'm searching for the right word for the show….revitalizing….inspiring…joyous? Eh, I just can't capture it. It was more than I can articulate and I'm so thankful for the joy that music like that can give me. I can't imagine getting by without it.

So…thank you.

Thanks to all that were there….thanks to Kevin more than I can say….thanks to Steph and Mort….

This morning I woke up and the air was soft coming in the window. Bob was sitting on the sill quivering every time a falling leaf came close. I could hear the sounds of the high school band playing in the distance and when I peered down the street I could see the vintage camper parked there with our new friends and Kevin Gordon fans inside. It was all ridiculously perfect. Downstairs were three sleeping musicians stretched out, uncomfortably no doubt, on assorted couches and chairs. Ernie started making biscuits and bacon for everyone and we chatted in a slow morning kind of way. Lovely people.

Kevin and company took off back to Nashville just as it started rain. Now I'm sitting here reliving the evening in my mind, listening to the boys playing with Lego City upstairs….Ernie's in the media room watching a movie. It's gotten dark and thunder is rumbling.


So happy.

8 thoughts on “Happiness Courtesy Kevin Gordon

  1. Awesome show, great lyrics, great music, great musicians. And a beet salad to make your eyes roll back in your head.
    Thanks you guys.

  2. Oh, and that plate of food shoved under the ottoman by the fireplace where I was sitting next to Richard? That was mine. Sorry.