1. Friday and Saturday were so busy that I just wanted to curl up and stay
home on Sunday. By midday I'd gotten supremely irritated with all the
want, want, wanting going on by some people  in the house so I got restless. Ernie and I
went for a drive, meandering through the country, watching the clouds and ending up in
Bellflower, Illinois before heading back home.






2. I remember about fifteen years ago when we were still selling at the Sandwich market a woman from Bellflower wanting to buy a Bellflower creamer I had. Bellflower was one of the most popular patterns of pressed glass made in the 1850's and 60's and the creamer was gorgeous. She would come and look at it every month and worry about whether it was a reproduction. I would explain how you could tell it was an original piece…..and while some pieces might be difficult to tell, this one was a no brainer. Finally at one point I told I didn't think she should buy it because she wouldn't enjoy it if she was unsure about it.  That did it….she finally bought it. It was a beautiful piece of glass….

3. My beloved Richard Hill took this picture of my brown eyed sweet pea. If I didn't love Richard already I certainly would now….


Leo said the house concert was bearable once he remembered to use headphones. I love that boy.

4. Ernie took this picture to prove that our lacinato kale plant is actually TALLER than me!


5. The highlights of our drive through Bellflower (I'm sure there are many more):






3 thoughts on “October Skies and Random Notes

  1. Wow, Richard. Boffo pic of Leo. Wonderful Bellflower pics, too, Cynthia! Happy Anniversary!