a sale out in the country that Owen and I stumbled upon recently


the glories of a Sunday morning


my sweet pea

the other sweet pea

a rare shot of Leo's face

Annie lords it over Bob. Bob doesn't notice.

pickled grapes….early reviews are good!
(I was asked to remove the photo of people watching the 4th of July parade in 1971—sorry)

4 thoughts on “Random Pictures from the Sandwich Life

  1. Oooh, I would have loved to pick around in that old house in the country.
    The 4th of July parades down Green Street were marvelous affairs. The current parade and route are mere shadows of what the event used to be…tons more bands and bugle and drum corps, more active participation, NO BIG TRUCKS, just more fun and comaraderie.

  2. Richard and Mel, do you guys know Doug Davis? He’s a few years older than us, and my husband’s cousin.
    And I spent the Bicentennial parade on a spot on Green St about the same area. Damn, that was fun.

  3. I wish I wouldve been around to see the parade in those days (and campus itself). My Mom always tells me things were so much more “alive” then.

  4. I don’t think I knew Doug(?).
    For the 1976 Bicentennial parade, we were at the empty lot SE corner of 4th & Green (now Geovanti’s, or something like that).