1. Today at noon Harpeth Rising is doing a free show at KCPA….I think we might postpone our traditional Friday lunch and head over there instead. There are a bunch of videos of them on youtube…a nice Music City Roots one, etc. but this one made me SO nostalgic for Thomas that I could have wept….


2. I've always thought elementary schools looked sort of mysterious when it is dark grey out and you can see the lights shining from the windows. Does that make any sense? I remember being kind of excited when I was a kid and I got to school on a dark rainy morning and the lights were shining….. I don't know why exactly but it still kind of hits me that way. It must hit Ernie a bit too because I found this picture on his phone…

Image 3

3. Don't forget Los Condenados Huastecos at the University Y at 7:00 p.m. tonight. I can't wait! Listen to this and tell me you don't need this on a Friday evening….


4. Another picture from Ernie's phone. Lord but I love him.

Image 1

5. No more Newsweek? Just digital? But what the hell am I supposed to read in the bathroom? Newsweek and Rolling Stone are what I read in the bathroom. My mom always bought us a subscription to Newsweek. It's only in the last few months that I finally stopped receiving two copies…the one  of ours and the one of hers. I remember once saying something about an article I read in Newsweek to somebody I worked with and she said, "NEWSWEEK? What are you? 80?" Well, yeah…but….no more Newsweek? First Gourmet…now this?

6. I have no pictures of it but DAMN but I made a good dinner last night. I had some relatively thin pork chops and my friend Peggy had recommended sage. I thought about pounding the pork chops a bit thinner but decided to be lazy and let them be. I (well, actually Owen) dunked them in eggs beaten with some whole grain mustard and then breaded them with fresh breadcrumbs (the crusts from the boys' lunch bread whizzed in the spice grinder) mixed with parmesan and some salt and pepper. Then Ernie picked me a handful of sage leaves and I fried them to a crisp in some oil, added a clove of garlic. I pulled all that out of the oil and then sauteed the pork chops in the garlicky sagey oil until they were cooked through. Had sauteed Swiss chard and mashed sweet potato (with a bit of hot sauce). It felt like fall…the pork chops were GREAT…and we sprinkled the crispy sage leaves on top of them. I must admit to being rather pleased with myself!

7. Even though I have to work much of tomorrow it still feels like FRIDAY! And it's a grey morning which makes the leaves glow even brighter.

8. Happy Birthday to my beloved Nick Rudd!


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