1. All four of us seem to have come down with colds. Bleh. Two weeks into fall or something like that and we already have colds? Oh well….hopefully we'll get them over before Kevin Gordon this Friday. We were supposed to be at the Sola Gratia Harvest Festival today and then go get pumpkins….I think it might be a stay at home day though.

2. Speaking of Kevin Gordon—-please don't forget to pay ahead. If you pay the day of, or at the concert, it will be $25—otherwise it's $20. It makes it much easier for us to have it taken care of ahead of time if at all possible. There's a link to PayPal at the top right of this page or you can drop it off. Just let me know if you have any questions.

We are WAY excited about this show. Well, hell, you know we get excited about them all but I do think this is going to be great….can't wait! We're hoping for a good crowd to make it all worthwhile for the musicians so please feel free to invite your friends. You can do it via the facebook page if you like….

3. I tried out a recipe for the house concert last night and it was really good but I think I went overboard with the heat….need to cut back a bit on the cayenne and fresh hot peppers. I think doing vaguely Indian food for this Friday but bring whatever you want…. Last night I made a warm spicy chickpea salad, some kale in coconut milk and curried chicken. Still not positive what I'll made on Friday but that's part of the fun—obsessing over recipes…

4. Look at our wonderful Naomi Jakobsson bag! Thanks Teri! Well….and Naomi of course!

P1120015 _Snapseed

5. And in VERY exciting news….I got the first of the Thanksgiving cooking magazines! My favorite issues of the year!! And a rare shot of Leo's face….


6. This weekend may not be as stupendously golden as last weekend but just the same it's been pretty great. To top it off yesterday we found Hatch chiles at Schnuck's. I bought a bag and roasted them….now what? Suggestions please…

7. And perhaps my favorite part of the whole weekend…..watching Owen work on his Captain Carrot comic strip for school. It's glorious….although I was a bit disappointed that Commissioner Cucumber and Linda the Lima Bean didn't make it into the storyline but I was pleased to see Eggplant Man of course. Owen has assured me that me might do an epilogue. Ernie asked him if this was for school or if he was just drawing it for himself. He explained that it was for school—it has to contain three facts about plants—-but as he said proudly, "but school doesn't really deserve this." I don't really think ANYone deserves Owen and Captain Carrot….but then again I might be biased. 

P1120023 _Snapseed

8. Oh, and one more thing….I was tickled when I saw this on Kevin Gordon's website:

Friday 10/12 we’ll be playing a Sandwich Life house concert in Champaign, IL–I’ve heard about this series for years, from fellow musicians and fans, too; very excited to be playing here!

You have no idea how excited WE are Kevin!!