1. Hmmm.  The presidential debate was less than inspiring. Owen came and watched it with us until he started to nod off. Leo was invited but politely declined.  At one point, Owen tipped his head to one side and said, "Romney seems as though he thinks he's better than us but he's trying to make us think he's one of us."

Good lord I love that child.

2. Picture day at middle school today. We told Leo he was NOT allowed to throw his school pictures away this year. He grumbled but agreed.

3. I am getting very excited for the Kevin Gordon show next Friday. Honest….this is going to be a GOOD one!! It'll be a trio….yay!  I still gotta figure out what I'm cooking though….that's my task for this weekend.



4. Nice write up of Ian Hunter's new album over here. I like that it's titled "Ian Hunter Never Gets Old." Indeed.

5. Damn but I wish I could have caught Amy Rigby and Wreckless Eric on their current trek through the Midwest. I LOVE this song from their new album….classic, classic Amy….


6. And that's all…..(said in Ian Hunter's voice)….