Bottle Rockets tonight folks! There are still 8 tickets left I believe.

Start thinking of your requests because if you are anything like me then when someone says, "any requests?" your mind shuts down and you can't think of a freaking thing.


Parent teacher conferences last night and this morning. We tend to end up laughing through them. That may not be appropriate but it just cracks me up how strongly their personalities, different though they are, show so true in everything they do.

This morning as I was getting dressed I was hemming and hawing over what to wear. I put a black shirt on and Owen told me it looked nice. I gestured to the rest of the black I was wearing and said, "but is it too much black?" He shrugged his shoulders and said, "Well, my teacher wears eyeliner." I didn't really knew what that meant but I took it to mean that I could move ahead with all black. Lord but I love that boy.

Gotta get through work so I can come home and bake cheese puffs!!!

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