Ahhh…finally feeling better…but not before the sickness knocked me out yesterday. I stayed home from work and slept and had wildly strange dreams. When I got up I asked Ernie if other people had been in the house and he just looked me a little oddly and said no. I dragged into work a little late today but as the day went on I felt better and better. I was feeling frazzled at the end of the day though….and scattered….boys, school, irritating computer financial tasks, phone calls, bills, money…..all of it. When I got home Owen immediately started asking for things and I just said "it would be better for EVERYONE involved if you just talked to your father" because I knew I was going to lose my temper.

Computer and Lego battles—-eventually  it all calmed down….I remembered that Ernie had bought me another batch of Hatch chiles so I went and toasted them on my stove burner and the smell put me in a much better frame of mind. I told Leo that if he didn't make brownies tonight that he would die. He tried to tell me that wouldn't happen. "HA!" I said…."just try me." And then I kissed the top of his head because I like the way it smells. I came and sat down in the living room and put on Ian Hunter.

See? Ian does give me the power. He gives it to me…..well, Ian and my guys anyway. I think Kevin Gordon might give me the power too though.

I'm thinking I'm gonna make Ernie and Owen make the tacos tonight…..

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2 thoughts on “The Power

  1. Kevin will give you the power.
    He’s a lot like a crazed Louisana evangelist.
    And, (now this is a really bad joke, referring back to a few days ago’s post), when he gets you all up, shaking it, dancing and ah-
    testifying, YOU Cynthia, yes YOU can supply the snakes.