The other day Ernie said, "you know what's coming up?" and I just looked at him blankly. My mind went tick, tick, tick and suddenly I went, "OHHHHHH!" Our anniversary. I had completely forgotten. Twenty-four years ago today. Geesh. I almost hate to admit that.

LORD but wasn't Ernie cute???

Oops…I mean "isn't"!




our wedding cake, complete with the bride and groom from my parents' wedding




Could Ernie be cuter? And a bearded Pat Dailey in the background




my beautiful sister Judi





Ernie, doing the Ernie hunch, and best man David Conroyd

Twenty-four years baby.


I may not have imagined everything that's happened along the way but I DID know I'd still be madly in love with you.

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8 thoughts on “Twenty-Four….Count ’em….Twenty-Four Years

  1. You guys look like such kids…and whatcha talking about just Ernie being adorable (which he is) but look at you in your vibrant red dress…simply gorgeous! A very happy anniversary to you both.

  2. You’re pretty knockout yourself in that red dress! I love how you toss your head back and laugh. Wonderful pics. Happy Anniversary.