O.k….we've squeezed in an extra house concert because hell….how you gonna turn down the Bottle Rockets being in your house again?  So PLEASE come through people—we need lots of people at all these shows! After the Christmas show we'll take a break for awhile so don't miss these!

Bottle Rockets
Friday, October 26, 2012
8:00 p.m.

Please NOTE: this isn't a standard Sandwich Life House Concert in that tickets are available through the band's website. You MUST buy a ticket through them ahead of time. We also won't have our standard potluck….and the music is at 8 p.m. You can get here anytime after 7:00 and I probably will do a few appetizers…please also bring whatever you'd like to drink (if you'd like to bring an appetizer or sweet you're more than welcome to but it's certainly not necessary!).

When they played here this spring I was blown away by how beautiful they sounded in our house—you could hear the harmonies so clearly—gorgeous—-really amazing opportunity to experience this band—and their songs—so intimately….



Brian Henneman and the Mayor..and more importantly, with Chloe Rose, signing her ukelele at our house this spring



David Olney and Sergio Webb
Friday, November 9, 2012
6:00 p.m. potluck, music to follow 
$20 ahead (via PayPal, check or cash) but $25 that night. I fear I'm going to be mean and hold people to the extra $5 that night. It is really a headache dealing with the money that night so if you have to do that (which I understand) you gotta pay more…o.k? 

Theren's no other way to say it: David Olney has my heart. Utterly amazing songwriter and performer. AMAZING. There are millions of accolades and quotes about him….try these:

You have to accept David Olney’s narratives as he delivers them — the longtime Nashville philosopher-singer-songwriter sings in a gruff, artless voice. A much-covered tunesmith, Olney has released interesting work recently, including his 2010 full-length Dutchman’s Curve, which found the singer meditating on middle-aged lust and painter Johannes Vermeer. Dutchman’s Curve featured Olney’s mix of Slim Harpo licks and literate lyrics, while last year’s EP, Film Noir, found Olney playing around with dark-night-of-the-city tropes. If Film Noir established Olney’s affinities with, say, Tom Waits, his new EP The Stone ought to put Olney up there with Bob Frank or Dylan: When Olney essays the anti-sedition Jesus-blues-rock of the new record’s “Brains,” he’s talking about the modern world. This is how a literate, blues-loving Nashville songwriter with a philosophical bent interprets the last couple of millennia.— Edd Hurt

“Olney Unbound… part Baptist PREACHER, part caustic COMEDIAN, and part existential BLUESMAN…Olney shouted, moaned and howled his SHARPLY OBSERVED HARD-LUCK TALES and quirky character studies. Webb, who looks like he stepped out of a CLINT EASTWOOD spaghetti western, provided A DIZZYING ARRAY of textures, employing unconventional techniques.” MTV’s Urge.com

Here's an interesting article I just came across—from a few years ago….worth a read….

I'm going to do some kind of fall heartland theme for food. Is that ridiculously abstract? We're going to have a Pie-Off too so I thought we should kind of go all-American…. I'm thinking some slow roasted pork and some kind of greens….that kind of thing. Bring whatever appetizers, sides, sweets or drinks to share that you like.

Because we have so many friends that are great bakers (and I am decidedly not) we decided to have a Pie-Off. Feel free to enter any kind of dessert pie you like. Our judges will be David Olney, Naomi Jakobsson and the inimitable Owen Blackwelder. Awards are still being determined.


This video is the first song they did the first time they played at our house. I'm not sure if anyone that was there had ever seen him live other than us and you can hear a bit of nervous laughter at some points because people are thinking, "who the hell IS this?" He blew them away….it was magic…pure magic.



Fourth Annual Kristi Rose and Fats Kaplin Holiday House Concert
Saturday, December 15, 2012
6:00 p.m. potluck, music to follow
$20 ahead, $25 day of show

This one almost doesn't need any description. Fats Kaplin and Kristi Rose have become part of Christmas for us. This is always one of the warmest, most joyous shows we have every year. I think this year I'm going to make tourtière…the French Canadian savory pie that is a holiday tradition from the French Canadian side of my family. I'm kind of excited to share it with everyone. For the potluck bring whatever is your holiday tradition—or whatever sounds good—it will be a great night.

As you may know, Fats has been busy playing with Jack White so I am SO pleased that we are still lucky enough to lure them up to play here!



photo by Jo McCaughey




photo by Jo McCaughey



Fats and Kristi Rose at this year's Hardly Strictly Bluegrass


I hope you can join us….please email with any questions you might have. I'll be putting this stuff up on facebook soon—please help get the word out and invite your friends. My only concern ever with these shows is not having enough people to make it financially viable for these artists to travel here…so for anyone who wants to see these keep happening or to help in any way…that's how to do it!