I think I may be experiencing Post-Olney Letdown. I don't know. I was crabby as fuck last night and I know that doesn't even make sense….grammatically OR emotionally. We tried to watch Eric Brace and Peter Cooper on Stage-It which helped immensely except for the periods throughout it in which we argued about after dinner snack choices, brushing hair, and other assorted issues with various children. Blegh. And homework….I found myself saying things like "If you just TURNED IN your homework your grades would be perfect…you DO it, why don't you just TURN IT IN?" You know….stuff like that. And somehow that led to everyone getting mad at me and me gettting even more pissed off at the world.  The boys sniffed, let me kiss them, and went to bed.

IMG_1866 _Snapseed

I grumpily showed Ernie the pictures from having a crane move a 2900 lb rock at work that morning and then we sat and watched videos of Ian Hunter and Jason Ringenberg until we perked up. We hadn't eaten dinner so I made us a luscious hash made of leftover beets, Swiss chard stems, potatoes and bacon. There might have been garlic too…I forget…with a fried egg on top. We curled up, companionably at that point, ate our hash, sipped some wine, and watched Anthony Bourdain on tv because we couldn't find anything else we wanted to watch. Then off to bed I went to read, listen to some music, and enjoy the feel of a cold pillow every time I turned it over. Monday was over and I was happy about that.


That's it. My evening in a nutshell.

I think we gotta have Jason come back.



3 thoughts on “Post-Olney Letdown and Mondays

  1. Somehow my brain took a left turn when you said crane hoisting a 2900 pound rock. Something about Japan House and crane…oh, yeah, I was picturing a very large bird lifting a three-ton rock. I can so relate to the Monday crabbies, we had them big and bad at our house. Monday, the time change, the cold weather, the leaves all gone…would like to keep my head under the pillow for the next few months.