1. Owen playing along to the Dandy Warhols on his trumpet. I love that boy's musical ear.

2. A fire in the fireplace Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings.

3. Take out from Golden Harbor when I abandoned my ill-fated chicken cacciatore. I tried to recussitate the chicken the next day and convince it to evolve into a southwestern chicken stew kind of thing. Oh, and I burned it. It's still in the refrigerator but everyone, myself included, pretty much refused to eat it. Owen tasted it, walked back into the room where I was and cheerfully said, "oh, no offense, but NO Mom, NO. I've started macaroni for myself." I really couldn't argue.

4. A nap on the media room couch on Friday afternoon, under a quilt, when I came home so tired that I even turned down going out that evening with one of my favorite people in the whole wide world. Sorry Boo.

5. Golden Harbor's Crispy Basil Eggplant. Damn.


6. Unpacking a box of goblets so we'll have more to use for the house concert this Friday.

P1120318 _Snapseed

7. Looking forward to David Olney.

8. Having a family movie night on Saturday and watching My Cousin Vinny with the boys. My father loved that movie. I could hear him chortling.

9. Owen saying to me, "Remember when you had that little thing with the drummer?" I replied, "Man, that sounds delightful….when did I have a little thing with a drummer?" Owen was outraged at my response. Turns out he just meant when we had a taiko performance at work. Oh well.

10. Owen dragged Ernie to the craft store and came home and created a tomahawk our of pvc pipe, some foam and a shoestring. DAMNED impressive. Pictures to follow.

11. Kissing the top of Leo's head every time I walked past him as he Minecrafted away in the kitchen.

12. Looking forward to David Olney (see #7)! Don't forget to pay up folks…and just let me know if you have questions—we need a good crowd!!!  And there's PIE! Watch these two clips and you'll just a BIT of his range…. God, I can't wait!


2 thoughts on “Pleasures From the Weekend

  1. I know this sounds wrong, but I like to hear that you too experience a fail in the kitchen once in a while. It just kills me when I can’t somehow “reincarnate” a dish to something enjoyable.