1. The Le Creuset saga:  They'd never gotten back to us after we sent our chipped pot in and I think Owen finally got sick of me whimpering whenever I saw a Le Creuset pot on tv or in a magazine and said, "Just CALL them Dad, will you? I mean, LOOK at her!" So Ernie called and was told they'd sent a letter out in mid-October; they'd email us a copy but that it wasn't covered under the old lifetime warranty. We got the email soon enough, which said they couldn't cover the broken handle. HUH? There was no broken handle! So I tried to call Ernie back but it was busy. Evidently he'd seen the letter and called immediately. Lord I love my husband. They told him it showed evidence of being heated too high or too quickly or something. I think my beloved husband went on a bit of a rant telling her how careful we'd been with it and how much I loved it and that we had used our state income tax refund to buy it…..and she relented and said as a one time customer service thing…they would replace it. WOO-HOOOOOO to Le Creuset AND to Ernie!

2. The Japanese maples weren't as brilliant this fall but I'm giving them a pass as they are lovely anyway…

IMG_2481 _Snapseed

3. David and Sergio and Pie. Can't WAIT for Friday night. I know Fridays are hard people….that you are tired by the end of the week but I swear this will invigorate you like nothing else and you'll feel more revived than if you went home and collapsed. The POWER will be with us! The POWER….and pie…..


4. By the time Ernie picked me up from work last night Owen had done his homework and Leo was feeling much better so he took me for a quick drink at Fries and Peanuts. Election Day always feels like a holiday to me…it was nice to sit there and listen to the buzz… Even nicer to wake up this morning to see the election results. Not every single person I voted for won…but damn close, damn close….