I had a work event last night….tons of sushi and sashimi….it was delightful but I was happy to get home. As I walked in the door the guys were just finishing eating. Owen quickly told me how GREAT their dinner was. He even said that Ernie had made mashed potatoes and left the skins on and they were really good. I just stared at him. I've been trying to make mashed potatoes that live up to his standards for eons now and he always insisted on smooth and mine just never live up to Val's. I stared at him some more, then I stared at Ernie. Ernie looked rather pleased with himself.

THEN Owen announced that Leo had eaten part of a strawberry. I fell back into my chair and looked at them in shock.

Owen shook his head at me and said, "Yeah Mom, when you leave……shit happens." He and Ernie cackled with laughter.

I stared at him again, thought about telling him he shouldn't say shit, and then just took my shoes off instead.

I told them I guessed I should leave more often and they merely grinned at me.

I love those boys.


4 thoughts on “When You Leave….

  1. Well OBVIOUSLY you need to leave your boys on their own more often! Next time though, make it a fun night out with the girlfriends, not work.