You know how there are just some people you love immediately? Technically you don't know them that well….but you just feel like they GET you? It's one of the best feelings in the world…and that's how we feel with David and Sergio. David said "there are some people you meet and you feel like they're family, you just hadn't noticed them before." And that IS how it feels—as though you just turned around and said, "oh, THERE you are!" 

I love David and Sergio and CHRIST ALMIGHTY as my father might say, they were incredible the other night. Every show is completely different….every show is spellbinding. Ernie listened to me sigh happily all day yesterday.


It's very fitting that we had this show right before Thanksgiving. Here is my list of thanks:

thanks to David and Sergio for their incredible talents and kind friendship

thanks to Greg (and Vicky in absentia) for being such a lovely host to the guys, and for coming AND for the great chicken wings

thanks to Don for bringing his mother Milly whom I adore, and for being a damn fine Pie-Off judge

thanks to Naomi Jakobsson for being there and being a brilliant pie judge…and to Eric Jakobsson because I like watching him watch David…he has a grin on his face the whole time just like I do

thanks to Susan Kapacinskas for the winning pie (Apple Crumb) and for being such a good friend

thanks to Teri for being an incomparable Pie Coordinator….do I know whom to put in charge or WHAT?

thanks to Jenny Davis, Val Deichman, Dick Detzner, Ann Rasmus, Matt Tabels, Mary Wallace and Elizabeth Weathers for their amazing pies!

thanks to Mel for letting me boss her around and lighting all the candles

thanks to Heather for being so kind when I took her chair because….HELL….I really wanted to sit there!

thanks to Steve and Bob for helping with our mic emergency

thanks to Mary and Jonathan (great bundt cake by the way) for for picking up and bringing all the glasses and silverware into the kitchen at the end of the night

thanks to EVERYONE that bought wonderful bountiful food to share

thanks to Mark for bringing such damn good wine for me

thanks to Richard for the photographs!! What would we do without Richard?

thanks to everyone that bought a cd

thanks to Lee and Howard for driving so far

thanks to Owen and Leo for helping out that afternoon getting things ready

thanks to the headphones that allowed Leo to imperviously work away on the computer in the crowded kitchen

thanks to Owen for creating the pie medallion display and presenting the awards to Susan

thanks to Mark for creating the posters—all our pie entrants got one…

thanks to Mary Sack, and Bill Penn, for making the whole thing happen

thanks to Delia for her songs…hearing all three of them was more than wonderful

thanks to the friends I've made because of David and Sergio (Van and Cate and Peggy and Mark and others whom I haven't met in person yet) even if they couldn't be there that night

thanks to Ernie because, well, Ernie makes everything happen

thanks to those I've forgotten to thank and thanks to every single one of you that came and made it feel like a great celebration….Ernie and I are grateful to you all…..







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5 thoughts on “Giving Thanks for David Olney, Sergio Webb and Pie

  1. Thanks to you Cynthia and Ernie for hosting these events. The music is always great and the fellowship even more so! Love my poster. I’ll make you a pie anytime.

  2. Ernie makes everything happen but you make Ernie, and everyone, so very happy, Cynthia! Thankful to be on this planet with you!

  3. And thanks to you two for pulling off these wonderful shows and let us all wander around your house with beer in our hands.

  4. It was such a fun time on Friday night-yes, thank YOU guys for hosting the fab house concerts!! I also love my poster. I still am riding the happy train about being picked the winner! I wore my lil’ pie necklace all day Saturday, it makes me ridiculously happy. xox