My baby's home and all is right with our world. Well granted we still don't have a refrigerator, Owen was sick yesterday and Ernie and I were exhausted, but in the scheme of things….all is definitely right. Last night I made a comfort food dinner….au gratin potatoes, ham steak, and green salad with lots of cherry tomatoes from the patio. We're kind of down to cooking what's left in our cooler and what vegetables haven't gone bad.

I'm amazed at how quickly some of the vegetables went bad…some things I thought would last didn't, things I didn't think would last did…. Kind of like selling antiques sometimes…the things you think will fly out the door, not so much….and others do….you can never tell. Sola Gratia should replenish our vegetables today and Ernie is going to pick up eggs from the Meat Lab. In my readings about living without a refrigerator, I've read that in the US eggs have to be powerwashed….and that removes a protective coating—which is why they then have to be refrigerated…unlike eggs elsewhere. So, are ALL eggs in the US powerwashed….if we get them from the UIUC Meat Lab, are they powerwashed?? Can I leave those on my counter? Egg people please chime in….

My souvenir from Ernie's week in Nashville.



I wish there was some video from last week's show but these will do…..




2 thoughts on “Egg Question and My Jo-El Sonnier Souvenir

  1. The eggs sold at the University meat salesroom are not washed. It states is somewhere, not sure where, but know I always kind of wipe them down after I get them home. Not sure what it all means, but that’s what I read there I think?