I feel scattered today. I'm trying to finish up things before I take off work for the rest of the week. I'll do some work from home but need to be around for Ernie after his surgery. Ernie's feeling a bit anxious…understandably. Part of me just can't believe that this stupid accident is still messing with our life. I know it will take quite a while for recovery but it will be so good for him to eventually be without pain again…and able to do more. It's been so frustrating for him.

No news other than that….just think good thoughts for Ernie tomorrow. I'm sure the surgery will go well but I'll still feel a lot better when it's over….

summertime Ernie: sitting in the yard with a beverage and his beloved crosswords….


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  1. Please tell Ernie “Hello” from me, Cynthia and allow me to hug you all in my heart. Bless you, love you guys.