I'm in a fit of fury this morning. Partly because a certain child couldn't get his picture taken at school yesterday because he didn't have the form. Why didn't he have the form? Well, because it was never given to him at school, so he couldn't give it to his parents. But whoops, there it IS in his backpack when his father looks. Child says he had NO idea it was there. And then there's the fact that said child snuck into our bedroom last night to sneak out the box of Cheese-its that I had told him he couldn't have before bed. I was too tired to go downstairs so I just set it on my bedside table. And did he try to cover up this fact by sneaking it back where it was? No, sitting right there, half gone, next to his bed in the morning, and he just looked at me blandly when I brought it downstairs.

Then again, I read the letter he wrote about himself for one of his classes and it said something to the effect of, "I'll just be the shy kid in the back with the quirks and the bowtie" and it about broke my heart with love…..which somehow, oddly, only makes me more angry right now.

And THEN there was an Uncle Mistletoe pull toy on eBay this morning. It was priced buy-it-now and I knew it would go fast. I showed it to Ernie and he said something like, "It's your money babe." So of course I said, "Well, no I really don't need it." Evidently he didn't realize that was a plea for him to convince me that I needed it TERRIBLY and that I should buy it immediately! I just looked again and it's already gone.

However, I am going to have lunch with a beloved friend whose husband has a terrible, awful, no good, very bad cancer. So. Yeah. What the hell do I have to complain about? Well, except Uncle Mistletoe….

I'm listening to Jon Byrd right now, my beautiful, beautiful Jon Byrd….and he has a way of making things right in my world.


Next Friday evening folks….please let me know if you think you can make it, you can pay up ahead on the link top right of this page that says, "Make a Reservation." Let me know if you have any questions.

We truly believe that Jon Byrd is someone very, very special. I think he's one of the greatest living country singers, and I'm not alone in that opinion.  He will sooth my frustrated, cranky soul.

And I can't wait to make my mother's gumdrop cookies. Well….maybe I'll make Ernie make them. It is baking after all. I can't wait to eat one though.

One of my all time favorite Jon Byrd songs:


A gorgeous song from his new album:


and a couple of great covers:


 Oh, wait, wait, wait….then there's THIS one: