Good God I almost had a breakdown yesterday. I couldn't do anything right at work and felt like I had to redo half of what I did manage to do. I somehow let a pile of worry grow entirely out of proportion with the actual issues and turned myself into a frazzled mess. Worried about too few people at the house concert, worried about Ernie being gone for a week, worried about his shoulder surgery, worried about figuring out weeks of recovery when he can't drive, worried about time going too fast and finally….worried what the hell are we going to get the boys for Christmas because next thing you know it's going to be Christmas.

I kid you not.

I am certainly my own worst enemy….as I guess we all are.

Then I saw that Dave Benton of WCIA announced that his cancer has returned and is looking at something like 4-6 months. I told Ernie and he cried. So I cried.

Then we ate our pizza. We always have pizza the night before a house concert.

Then I had a glass of wine.

Then I went to bed.

Then I tried to sleep.

Once Ernie came up to bed I finally was able to drift off.



And oh how we will do my heart good. Even if he's going to abscond with my sweet husband.

Jon Byrd Jon Byrd Jon Byrd Jon Byrd!



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