The other day Ernie and Owen and I were sitting in the living room. Leo was halfway up the stairs but had stopped to talk and was leaning over the stair rail. I don't remember what was said but we were laughing at something to do with Leo's curmudgeonliness and stubborness. Owen said something under his breath about Leo and I asked him what he said. So he said, with raised eyebrows, "Leo is a bad ass motherfucker." I, of course, said "OOOOWEN!!!" He calmly said, "But he is. I mean he doesn't care what other people think of him, he just goes about and does what he wants. He's a bad ass motherfucker." 

O.k., o.k…..I know I should have really reprimanded him but honestly…it's not like he goes around saying things like this so….I giggled. Yes, I did. And I said thoughfully, "You're right, Leo IS a bad ass motherfucker."

Leo just looked at us with a half-smile on his face, shook his head and went upstairs to our calls of, "What shall we call him? BAMF?" He yelled down "You guys are crazy" as headed into his lair.

I love my sweet peas. BAMF or no BAMF.