Monday morning has found me:

1. trying to safety pin Owen's backpack together

2. hearing a noise outside which I thought at first was the neighbor's irritating dog, but came to realize was Owen screaming because he had closed the garage door on his finger.

3. Reading the obituary of the beloved husband of our dear friend Gina. Bob was quiet but had a spark about him that drew you to him—-one of those people that had a gleam in his eye that you knew meant he saw through most things. He fixed up old cars….and bought a car for each of his children that was made in the year of their birth. A good man to know and a wonderful husband and father. I can't imagine how Gina and Lara will miss him.

Monday afternoon will find me:

With Ernie and his oncologist, checking on some blood levels, then in the Infusion Suite while he gets his Zometa. He doesn't get an injection today so hopefully all will be peaceful.

Monday evening will find me:

Back at work for an evening event.


Feeling a bit overwhelmed and frazzled. Worried that we won't have enough folks for Jon Byrd. Thinking about juggling things while Ernie is gone in Nashville next week and then thinking further as to how we're going to juggle everything while he's recovered from his shoulder surgery. I know things will fall into place one way or another….