Oh well. No Nashville for me. Not meant to be I guess. Owen went back to school today (very begrudgingly I might note) but Leo is still sick….so…..here I stay. Ernie better have a brilliantly good time on my behalf is all I can say. I was looking forward to great music and some hugs. Sigh.

I ordered some clothes online last weekend and paid a little extra to get them here today. Now, since I'm not going anywhere it doesn't really matter….but I was waiting for them just the same. I went online to track the package and found that yet again Fed Ex thinks I don't exist. They have evidently been trying to deliver since Wednesday and they say the address is wrong or doesn't exist. Geesh. This has happened for years….we usually try to avoid using Fed Ex but for God's sake….we're in the days of GPS now…you can find my address on Google….what the fuck Fed Ex? Years ago they delivered huge Christmas packages to the wrong address and then couldn't figure where they delivered them because….they said they'd delivered them to our house. WRONG. Ernie finally hunted the neighborhood and found them sitting on the front steps of an empty house. It's happend time and time again…..but just with Fed Ex. UPS? No problem. In fact UPS just delivered something to me this afternoon….several days before I expected it. So I called Fed Ex three times. The first two times I went through the "say your problem" "say your tracking number" only to get hung up on. Eventually I got through enough to be put on hold and finally got somebody. I went through the whole thing. Yes, that's the correct address. Yes, there's a street sign. Yes, there are house numbers over the front door. Sigh. Supposedly I should get it tomorrow. I was going to make a more general complaint but I just didn't have the heart for it.

In theory I should finally get a refrigerator repairman tomorrow too. I could have had them today but they said the refrigerator has to be plugged in for 24 hours before they will look at it. I had unplugged the god damn thing because it was making a noise that was driving us CRAZY. O.k. fine. I plugged it in. I sat here calling Fed Ex and going through that irritation…..I look over and realize the refrigerator is not making the noise and it appears to be working. Now mind you, I had tried unplugging it, letting it sit and then plugging it back in several times….nothing. I can't really tell if it's cooling down yet. I can not begin to tell you how fucking irritated I am.

I feel an alarming amount of hatred for both Maytag and Fed Ex.

The only bright note I can come up with is that my new kitchen stools arrived. Owen destroys kitchen stools. Hopefully these will last awhile. The best part about them though? Turns out they match my Malcolm Holcombe poster perfectly. 

Small pleasures. Too god damn small….but a pleasure just the same.




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