1. We still don't have a refrigerator. It's starting to feel quite normal. If I want to think of it as an experiment it's been quite enlightening. They called and said they had the part the other day and I got all excited. Then they told me they couldn't come until Tuesday and I almost cried. I really did. There was a quaver in my voice when I said, "TUUUUUUESDAY….that's the worst day possible…my husband's having surgery that day. I really (quiver) want my refrigerator back before he goes into the hospital." The poor guy called me back and told me they could come Monday. A lot better than Tuesday but a big sigh just the same.

2. Owen is sick as a dog. Even though I got mad at him yesterday morning when he wanted to stay home from school…..later on I realized he was really sick with a terrible cough, cold, bit of a fever, and general misery. Poor sweet pea. I can tell he's REALLY sick when it's very quiet in the house and he stays in bed. 

3. This picture is from the day after the last house concert, hence the wine and pitcher of lemonade sitting there…..but REALLY? Do we truly need both pairs of Owen's hightops on the counter, as well as various knives? What was going on? I guess it's better than the living room mantel but honestly….can't the shoes stay on the ground? He thinks they are too special.


4. The other day, I was sitting at that exact spot in front of the computer. Owen stood at the end, getting himself a bowl of cereal. He stood there with one hand on the cereal box, which was blocking my view of the bowl, and said, "Isn't there a song something like "You're Gonna Miss Me When I'm Gone"? I nodded yes and then he confidently lifted the cereal box, pointed to the mess and said, "Well, don't get mad at me then because you're gonna miss me when I'm gone."


5. Thank you Jon Byrd!


6. Our beloved Sue on her birthday last night. Pink bunny ears just SUIT some people.


7. It's been a long, weird week or two. I hope to be able to get enough done to leave work at noon today as I usually do. Then we've got Saturday, I work Sunday afternoon, Monday will be crazy busy (but maybe we'll have a refrigerator) and then Tuesday is Ernie's surgery. Onward, as they say….