The last couple of weeks have been busy and have left me a bit frazzled. This weekend felt like the first time I could relax in awhile. On Friday Ernie and I were both dead tired, as neither of us have been sleeping well. After I got off work we had lunch and chatted to our beloved Amy, helped our friend Teri with some things, and then holed up at home. We hung out in the yard, watched some Top Chef Duels, listened to music, and tumbled into bed early. I had told him we HAD to go to the farmers' market on Saturday but I couldn't pull myself out of bed and stayed there until after 9:00 which is pretty much unheard of for me. Lord but it felt good. I'd taken a shower and the sheets were clean….I felt like the last couple of weeks just slipped right off me….


Yesterday morning we sat at the computer and watched an online auction of some early glass. The piece I loved so much, that was estimated at $300-$500? $3,750 thank you very much. I have one of these in clear but it's not QUITE as dramatic shall we say. A piece of pillar mold in color…not a bad life goal, is it? Not sure it's going to happen…but one can hope….it's just so damn stunning….

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We did spend a teensy amount of money and got a couple of pieces….nothing on the high end though. Then I was restless. Leo was computering and Owen still has a lousy cold so Ernie and I set off and hit the antique show that was at the Fluid Center and then a few antique shops. We stopped at Fries and Peanuts and had a drink before wandering over to the new Exile on Main Street. I love Exile but I was never entranced with their space….THIS space…in the old train station? STUNNING. Absolutely perfect. I so hope this proves to be a wonderful move for Exile and for Dandelion…it's really exciting. The space is really gorgeous with a great stage in the middle. I'm thinking we should have some of our house concert folks do an instore sometime….whaddya think? For some reason my interior shots didn't show up…using Ernie's phone with the totally smashed screen is sometimes confusing, but there are lots on their facebook page. I did get some of Ernie and Jeff Brandt….a couple of sweet peas. Lord but Periscope was a long, long time ago….


We wandered outside to listen to The Superior State, with our friend Nathan drumming and DAMN they sounded good. It was warm, but with that late September crispness to the sky. So clear and bright it almost hurt….and when the train rumbled by overhead it felt so damned good. Gave Nathan a hug, chatted with friends, and ended up back at Fries and Peanuts with Nick and Gina, Wendy and Todd. Life is good. Like the little girl with the curl in the middle of her forehead…when it's good, it is very, very good.

And on a side note….HUGE kudos to my beloved Seth Fein for the success that Pygmalion has become….and what it does for the city. Downtown was hopping and it feld damned good.

We tumbled on home after picking up our mussels and salmon from Cheese and Crackers. The mussels were a bit of a disappointment…..tiny, tiny, tiny and only a pound but the salmon was divine. I tried a recipe which sounded good….roasting kale and coconut in a sesame/sriracha dressing next to the salmon….all on one baking sheet popped in the oven. The kale was good but not inspiring but the salmon was outrageously good…. 

The whole day felt just like when that train engine burst out of the trees, going over Nathan and Aron Stromberg playing. It all felt just like that.




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