Stormy morning. Owen wanted to ride his bike….not when there's lightning we said. All the cars dropping kids off on rainy days, first at the middle school, then at the high school. Then to work. Bleary from a long day and a restless night. The kind of morning that is everyday life but still sometimes shocking in its normalcy if that makes any sense.

Good numbers at the Cancer Center yesterday so we are ready to celebrate with Jon Byrd this Friday, gumdrop cookies in hand (please pay up or rsvp!).

I'm feeling calmer. I just played one of my favorite Amy Rigby songs. Well, there are a lot of them but this one is definitely up there. It showed up in a list of Best Singles of the 90's that missed the Top 50. Like so many of her songs it should have been a hit….but it definitely is in my head and my ears. I remember years ago making a cassette tape for Eileen of different songs we liked. Later when I mentioned an obscure Ian Hunter song she argued with me that it had been a big hit. Finally we realized she had just played that cassette a lot. All a matter of perception and experience, like everything else in life I guess. 


 On another note…..took some somewhat tired beets and grated them in the food processor with a garlic clove or two….sauteed them in a bit of olive oil until cooked, before adding some kale….tossed a bit of water in, covered the pan until the kale wilted, threw in a touch of salt and pepper…..and it was RIDICULOUSLY good! We had it with our favorite Jacque Pépin chicken and mashed potatoes. Our first fall meal I guess…..


3 thoughts on “Time for Me To Come Down

  1. That chicken looks divine! We should do dinner sometime, but that I mean you and Ernie could cook for Mark and I! Lol! Love ya and miss you! 🙂