So Ernie leaves Saturday and by Tuesday morning I am sick and the refrigerator is broken. I mean dead-broken. My favorite thing about all this? My friend Cathy's comment on facebook, "Cynthia, I'm so sorry. Also, though, I'm a little bit charmed to know that your house is so animated (in a Shinto-like way) that even the refrigerator knows that Ernie is gone." She's totally right. The back brakes on Owen's bike stopped working too. He told he can stop the front and use his feet for the back so hopefully he doesn't go flying up over the handlebars. Yes, that's what he told me. My response? Oh, o.k.

All three of us are home today. We got up, we all felt like crap, and so we all went back to bed and slept for a few more hours. I am finally feeling better. In fact, just a bit ago I actually felt hungry!

Our four year old dead refrigerator? Hell, I don't know. No place I've called has gotten back to me and the place we bought it said we should get a Maytag authorized person so I called Maytag and that person pissed me off and then I cried because that's what I do when I don't feel well and I'm frustrated. I figure I should call some more places but I'm still not sure whether I'm going to try to head down to Nashville or not so will I be home? Questions, questions, questions. If I feel better I might still try to head down but then again who the hell knows what the refrigerator will cost because as the Maytag woman on the phone told me over and over and over….IT'S OUT OF WARRANTY….sigh.

On the other hand, I've been reading all sorts of things about living without refrigeration. See? Learning opportunities EVERYWHERE! Yeah.

Despite the less than wonderful week here in C-U….my sweet pea is having a good time in Nashville….AND he saw Jo-El Sonnier last night which was the one thing I demanded he do. Jo-El with a hell of a band…including our beloved Paul Griffith. So….you know…..I guess it all balances out….

My sweet pea laughing and doing that classic cover your mouth thing he does. Love this picture Van!


What a glorious time this must have been last night….I told Ernie I was on his shoulder and I do almost feel like I was….(thanks again for the pics Van)….


One last note….my boys have been OUTSTANDING. They have really stepped up, helping around the house, taking care of me. Of course Owen did tell his Dad in amazement this morning, "When you're gone Dad, Mom goes SOFT!! I mean, really SOFT! Like from 100% down to 36.9%." Huh. Who knew?