1. i gotta get a new keyboard. I kinda miss the left shift key, the apostrophes, the hyphen, etc. Joy told me shed read you can wash them in the dishwasher….and I looked it up and it does seem to work but I hate to try it until I have a back up. 

2. ernie still hurts like hell.  Of course my friend google tells me recovery from this surgery is damned nasty so I guess its to be expected but I still hate seeing it. we all miss our regular non drugged, non in pain ernie.

3. the dishwasher isnt working. well it washes and dries but leaves everything covered with a fine debris of ugh. You tube tutorials tell me I have to unscrew half the god damned thing to clean it up because its a god damn fucking Maytag. I told Owen if he tries to take it apart, I will try to clean it out.

4. we are waiting for refrigerator part number 2. and yes, that means another several business days for part to come in and then waiting til they can get back here. evidently we didnt NEED part number one but at least we are only paying for part number one, or maybe it is part number two…..but whatever, we do not have to pay for both parts. but of course that means it will be another uhhh….week maybe til we have a fucking working refrigerator. If youre following along, that means that will put us at somewhere between 24 days and a month without a god damn refrigerator. Just wait for me to buy another Maytag…ha!

5. we have fleas. well, the cats have fleas but we treated them and now the fleas are looking for new homes, meaning….we have fleas. Owens leg is a sight to behold….the cats like to sleep with him….so the fleas have made themselves at home. Yesterday he vacuumed the hell out of his mattress and his room and we put clean sheets on and are in the process of throwing all the clothes that were spread over his room into the wash. today we are going to try to vacuum the hell out of the rest of the house, finish all the laundry, and give the cats baths. should be great fun, dont you think?

6. see #2

7. the sun is out and I was really hoping for a grey day.

8. I need to change ernies dressing and try to get him showered….well see how that goes.

9. I need to go to the store yet again to buy more fucking ice, something to bathe the cats, and I suppose something for dinner tonight to keep in the goddamn cooler.

10. I need to go through the god damn fucking Maytag refrigerator and yet again throw out a bunch of food.

11. see #2

O.k….off I go….

at least the cats are enjoying having ernie immobilized….


7 thoughts on “frazzles…not in order of importance

  1. 1. Sending LOVE.
    2. Sorry about the plague at your house. Sheesh!
    3. Not having to capitalize means you can type faster!
    4. See no. 1
    5. I clean the dishwasher occasionally. As long as you are careful not to lose any bolts and don’t mind crouching for a bit, it’s easy, (if not gross).
    6. See no. 1

  2. Been there, done that. No fleas (so far), and no shoulder surgery (husband with foot surgery a year ago wasn’t much more fun than that). My flipped-out hot water heater might keep me on the same level of angst. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for your Maytags, if you keep your fingers crossed for our GEs. Then you can keep ingredients cool until I can bake them, and we can both wash up afterwards. How’s that sound?

  3. Awwww, sorry about all the shit! Missed you guys today, but you have 2 bottles of chard at Bunny’s waiting for you when you come in. 🙂 Sending you love and best wishes to Ernie! Hope next week will start looking up!

  4. Things better get better for you soon or I am coming to Illinois in person. If your dishwasher and refrigerator have e-mail accounts, I would be happy to send them threatening e-mails to make them straighten out.