It was a little over four hours in the waiting room during ernies surgery (remember….no apostrophes and the left shift key doesnt work on this keyboard….thank you very much Owen). Honestly….I cant complain….Ive certainly had much longer waits. It brought back all the other times Ive sat in waiting rooms….numerous times for my folks, for ernies dad, for ernie for his prostatectomy and then for the hernia that resulted from that, and then of course for my sisters long surgery. I thought about the last time ernie was in surgery. My friend gisela came and sat with me….with her purse loaded up with kleenex and snacks and every thing she could think of to take care of me. that was the day my father died while ernie was still in surgery. all of that came floating back to me so that even though this wasnt a surgery with an uncertain outcome like some of those… still left me feeling as though I was in that limbo… which you are out of sync with the everyday world.



I got him back home by mid day and I cant thank every one for the messages, the kind offers of help, for susans work in the yard, for the wonderful, wonderful dinner that my beloved Michael and renee brought over. we felt loved and we thank you all.

On tuesday he was so drugged up that he was relatively happy. Yesterday was a tough day for him, much, much harder. this morning he insisted on getting my coffee milk so hopefully there will slowly be improvement.  Im so incredibly glad that I took this time off. If I wasnt so busy at work Id stretch it out…but then again, I  imagine things will be very different come Monday.

I just made him breakfast… times of stress he always reverts back to his ultimate comfort food. My sweet pea loves his ramen…..