Back to regular life? Well, it's Monday and the boys are back to school and I'm back to work but regular life may have to wait. Ernie is doing well, struggling with pain at certain times of the day but seeming more like himself some of the other times, well, albeit a one-handed, non-driving himself. It's going to be interesting trying to juggle work and driving Ernie and the boys to all their various appointments. Ernie's got three doctors appointments this week alone. Yes. Interesting….I'm sure that's the word I'm looking for.

Leo's 15th birthday passed with minimal fuss due to it being the day after Ernie's surgery but I'm pretty sure he loved his gift. My sweet baby…..15. Here is his official birthday picture for this year:


Generally speaking the boys have been champs about doing more around the house and helping their father. I didn't manage to get everything done this week (hello useless dishwasher) but we did o.k.  The dinner sent over by some dear friends a couple of nights really helped. You know I love to cook and I am certainly capable of it, yet knowing I didn't have to figure out/make dinner was a gift. I think the week was more tiring emotionally than I admitted to myself. Last night I got all cross and yelled at Owen for something that just needed a pointed comment or two. I apologized  and we worked it out. I explained that it had kind of been a week of frustrations and so by the end even a minor frustration made me lose my temper. We had a good talk. I really like that boy a hell of a lot.

Onward to the week….feeling swamped at work and at home but I suppose that's how much of the world feels, eh?

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